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TJ's Wreck

Well, TJ was on his way home from work on a little country road(that is very narrow). He was going about 25mph when he swerved to mis a pothole. His back end came around, he hit the brakes and his foot slipped off the brake onto the gas. He did a complete 360 turn and sideswiped the car behind him and went off the road hitting a tree. The tree made the battery explode. So the car caught fire. Luckily a guy in a truck had a fire extinguisher that was passing by and put it out. TJ made it out pretty good considering. He left in a ambulance with a concussion and bruised ribs. We are all glad TJ made it out okay, and glad to see him already thinking of a future planned Mustang with a 351 stroked to a 407, C4 Trans, 4.10 Gears....sounds like a monster!

TJ8.jpg (39218 bytes)  Notice the Red Paint on the corner of the car. When he did the 360 degree turn, he sideswiped a car behind him.

 TJ9.jpg (15326 bytes) 

 TJ10.jpg (12621 bytes)  Notice the has been pushed back more than 2" Also the floor boards are wrinkled about 3" out of place.

 TJ11.jpg (12530 bytes)  This is where the battery acid spilled and the wiring harnesses caught on fire.

 TJ12.jpg (15694 bytes)

 TJ13.jpg (13571 bytes)

TJ14.jpg (59593 bytes)  The white powder is from the fire extinguisher. Note the tree imprint on the fender.